Who We Are ?

Facelift Construction and Hardware is a leading construction firm renowned for superior service and craftsmanship. Specializing in cluster developments and innovative land use, we create modern layouts and home designs. Our services serve a diverse clientele, including local and diaspora corporates and individuals. As a one-stop shop, our hardware division excels as a premier distributor of architectural and general hardware.

Our Mission


Facelift Construction and Hardware is dedicated to forging enduring connections founded on integrity, excellence, value, and client delight. Our commitment is to consistently adapt to the evolving requirements of our clients, delivering top-notch services through a team of highly qualified professionals. Whether you’re in Zimbabwe or part of the diaspora community, our pledge is to exceed expectations and ensure your satisfaction in every project.

Our Vision


We strive to be the construction contractor of choice, earning respect through:
1.Exceptional Excellence
2. Forward-thinking Leadership
3. Unmatched Value, catering to both Zimbabwe and the Diaspora community’s discerning preferences.

Core Values


Transparency – Our team values openness and honesty in all interactions, fostering trust through clear and candid communication.

Reliability – We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that our promises are not just words but commitments backed by ethical conduct and fairness.

Cont Values…


Partnership – We strive to earn the trust and respect of our business partners, diligently working on every project to cultivate lasting relationships.
Innovation – Embracing a dynamic culture, our team actively seeks opportunities for growth, continuous improvement, knowledge-sharing, and enhancing the value we bring to each endeavor.
Dedication – Infusing passion into our work, our team takes pride in what they do, setting the pace and inspiring others through leading by example.

Why Choose Us ?






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Executive Management

Tatenda Muranganwa Chief Executive Officer

Keith Katewera Chief Operating Officer